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Celebrate night weddings

Everyone knows the typical wedding setting – with the sun glistening in the background, and photographers with multiple screens trying to capture the perfect lighting to set the theme. How about considering the dramatic starry skies of a night wedding?

night weddings

A night wedding is an unusual twist on your normal wedding timeline. And these are the kind of unique ideas we love. Break the mould and have your cocktails before your ceremony, or forego them altogether and simply have your guests arrive at sunset! What could be more beautiful than exchanging your vows as the sun goes down, and walking down the aisle to sparklers or lanterns instead of confetti?

Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Decor

While a night wedding might not be for every bride, it’s certainly a lovely non-conventional dramatic wedding idea that you can consider.

If you’re thinking of having a night wedding, instead of a daytime wedding ceremony, there are a lot of beautiful ways you can create an incredibly breathtaking ceremony setting. As  it will be getting darker ,or maybe even be completely dark, depending on your choosing, you can use amazing lighting to create atmosphere and add to your decor.

Think of lantern bags along night wedding pathways, placing candlelit mason jars along the aisle, or having illuminated paper lanterns above your wedding arch… Fairy lights create such a fantastic almost magical look to any wedding!  There are lots of lovely lighting options for night weddings, and creative ways you can make an exceptional ceremony setting.

Night Weddings

Light up an outside dance floor or reception area with upside down umbrella lights, or get fairy lights and place them in the garden around your venue!

Fairy lights are always beautiful, and look amazing wrapped around a giant tree! You can also use them behind draping to create a special backdrop.

There’s something truly magical about a night time wedding ceremony beneath the stars….

Night Weddings

If you decide on a wedding after dusk, you might even integrate this into your wedding theme. You could use stars or moons as part of your table decor, and get a magical night-time invitation designed.

Your colours might be beautiful deep blues and silver or gold touches, and you could add elements of these colours in your Bridesmaids dresses or bouquets and wedding flowers.

Oopsie Daisy Flowers & decor

At Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Decor, all of your decor needs will be met.

We have various decor rentals available to ensure that your wedding is truly one that dreams are made of :

Your choices are endless at Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Decor:

Glass Vases

Silver décor items


Flower Stands

Chair Tiebacks / Sashes

Silver Candelabras

Silver bowls

Base Plates / Underplates

Wrought Iron Stands

Fairy Lights


Candle holders





Chair Covers

Bride and Groom chairs

Ceramic Items

Wooden décor

Oopsie Daisy

Imagine walking down the aisle under a full moon with the twinkling stars guiding you towards your bright future; celebrate night weddings.


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