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Picking Your Wedding Colors

What makes a wedding “pop” and stand out? Take a look around next time you are at a wedding, and you will see it on the beautiful weddingWhat is your colour cake, the invitations, the centerpieces, and even the bride’s gown. It’s all about colour.

Years ago brides used colour to accent their white wedding day decor, but now they’re using colour to cover every inch of the wedding. Now how are you going to go about finding the colour or colours that best represent you?

What is your colour?

oopsie-daisy-weddingHere are some things to take into consideration when finding your colour :


When deciding on a scheme, you must consider the reception space or choose a space without too much decor or colour. If your dream wedding colour is pink, and your venue is bright purple – you may have a problem, so venue is key in deciding.

To help you choose the exact hue for your wedding details, visit a local fabric store or paint shop and collect swatches or chips of colours you might want to use. This will help you get specific, so that when you decide on green you’ll know if it’s lime green, kelly green, sage green, or forest green.

If you simply cannot decide on just one or two colours, don’t worry. Many stunning and memorable weddings feature a variety of colours, sometimes up to five, that work together to create a specific sensibility — like an “English garden” with green, yellow, pink, red, and brown, or “Autumn” with orange, red, brown, and

Where and how to utilize colour

Where and how you use colour really depends on the mood you are trying to create for your dream day. For instance, a vibrant summer pink mixed with chocolate brown  is perfect for a country-chic wedding style; add gold to the mix, and the combination becomes more reminiscent of Northern Italy.  If your wedding takes place in multiple spaces, each room can have its own colour scheme.

Flowers & Decor

wedding-bouquetNo matter what colour you’ve chosen, chances are you’ll be able to find flowers in that shade — but that, of course, does not mean the blooms will be available or affordable. If your dream flowers aren’t an option, use neutral white flowers with centerpiece containers or other decor elements in your colour.

Contact us at Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Decor today, and bring your budget and ideas with you, and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams. Our eye for detail, and focus on outstanding service will ensure that you have a seamless and beautiful wedding day. We have a trained team of florists on hand to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.oopsie-wedding

We will offer you the latest in floral design, and will prepare each quote especially for you, keeping in mind your unique style, any special requirements, and of course, your budget.



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