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Wedding Flower tips & tricks

We all dream about our perfect wedding day, but when it comes to wedding flowers, a lot of people do make a few mistakes. Here are some tricks of the trade that will ensure that your blooms blossom as beautifully as you do on your big day.

Not seeing the big picture

too big

First time couples have a habit of seeing the centerpieces and the table setting but make the mistake of not visualising the whole reception room with their guests in it. Try to think of the big picture because you don’t want to pay for a room with a sensational view, only to have tall, large centerpieces that will obstruct the view.

Trust your florist

Always make sure that you clearly communicate your vision, likes, dislikes, and expectations but have a little flexibility and be comfortable with substitution. Wedding florists want to make your wedding absolutely breathtaking. So relax, put trust in your vendors and remember why you hired that amazing talent!


Reuse your ceremony arrangements

Those beautiful aisle flowers can become centerpieces and altar pieces can be moved to the buffet table. The ceremony usually only lasts about half an hour and it is a real shame to see so many flowers only being used for that amount of time when they could easily be incorporated into the reception decor. Use your flowers wisely and you will end up saving a lot of money, which means more perks on your honeymoon.

Try to compromise

One of the biggest mistakes a bride-to-be can make is to have her heart set on specific flowers and not be flexible on the choice.  A florist can do a much better job if the bride asks for an overall look, feel, and colour scheme and let the florist create it, as some of the brides choices may be out of season, so import costs will skyrocket.


Try using more than only one colour

A lot of brides try to match the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses. A bridesmaid in a lavender gown with lavender flowers will make for very disappointing pictures. Flowers are a great place to choose an accent colour — for example, a lime green against a lavender gown will bring out the best in both colours and make for fabulous photos.


Be careful when choosing strongly scented flowers

Choosing highly aromatic flowers for centerpieces may sound like an amazingly romantic idea, but it will drive your guests insane if they are prone to allergies. For highly aromatic arrangements try and stick to your bridal bouquet and the altar arrangements.

Forgetting to budget for flowers

Most brides find that flowers are an important part of their day but forget to include them in the planning from the start.36313872

Choosing an oversized bouquet

Brides often think: ‘The bigger the better!’ What they don’t realize is that the larger the bouquet, the more it covers and fights with the overall design of their dress. Further, do you really want to carry something that is huge and heavy? Think about the size and comfort when it comes to your bouquet.


Overlooking the reception table linens

What’s underneath a centerpiece is as important as the arrangement itself. Linens don’t just complement the look of your centerpieces; they complete them. From runners to underlays and overlays, the right ‘undergarments’ can make flowers flourish on a table.

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