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Winter Wedding Inspiration

A winter wedding can be a most ultra-glamorous, cinematic and magical occasion.

With winter just around the corner, we felt it was time to inspire you with some beautiful winter wedding flower and decor ideas. Anyone can indeed have an amazing wedding in the colder months and the opportunity to create a Winter Wonderland is extra special when most opt for a Summer wedding. It could also save you some money to have your wedding in the off season when venues generally charge a lower hiring and accommodation fee.

Winter Wedding inspiration

Wedding flowers are as essential as the bride’s beautiful dress, the perfectly decorated cake and the personally designed rings. When choosing flowers for your wedding you should take into consideration what season you are in as well as remember to be consistent throughout the different elements of your wedding that require flowers, making sure that the flowers complement each other as well as the bride and groom’s outfits.

Winter Wedding Inspiration

There are flower options for every possible theme, from loud and bold to earthy, vintage, modern to romantic, classic and traditional.

Depending on your location, the winter months can either be freezing cold or just produce a few rainstorms. This is a great time to have a wedding if you are on a tight budget, but down-season is no time to settle for out of season flowers. Have a look at these flowers and colour combinations for the winter months.

Winter Blooms

All White: tulip, hyacinth, daisy, gladiolus, daffodil, camellia.
Oopsie Daisy flowers

Yellow & White: daffodil, azalea, daisy, gladiolus, dahlia, tulip.

Orange & White: tulip, dahlia, daffodil.
Winter Wedding Inspiration

Mauve & White: lavender, tulip, hyacinth.
purple wedding flowers

Pink & White: hyacinth, delphinium, azalea, dahlia, gladiolus, cornflower.



Always remember, just because its winter, it doesn’t mean that you are limited… here are also some all season blooms to add to your perfect wedding occasion.

All Year Round

All White: phalaenopsis orchid, gladiolus, gardenia, Singapore orchid, baby’s breath, lily, rose, carnation.

Yellow & White: orchid, gladiolus, carnation, rose, iris.

Orange & White: carnation, rose, gladiolus.

Mauve & White: orchid

Pink & White: rose, carnation

If the church where you are having your wedding ceremony is quite big it’s always nice to make a bold statement and use large pedestal arrangements placed where they will be noticed; at the entrance to the church and close to the altar. You can also place single flowers, small bouquets or flower balls along the aisle on each row of seats.

If you are having a small civil service, wedding ceremony flowers can brighten up an otherwise boring room to a great extent, so make use of your flower decorations to create a festive atmosphere as this is what it’s about – celebrating! Stick with flowers you have chosen for your bouquet in order to keep it consistent and complimentary.

Wherever you are in the country, inventive winter wedding concepts for décor and flowers with Oopsie Daisy Flowers and Decor, luxurious stationery and even food and drinks will ensure a festive celebration your guests won’t soon forget!

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