Meet the Team

The Oopsie Daisy team is a true reflection of diversity, strength and talent in South Africa,

with each individual bringing their own unique style and character.

They are more than just a team, they are a family who complement each other

and share the same values, vision and passion for the company.


When visiting Oopsie Daisy flowers, you can feel the warmth, energy and commitment of everyone

working together, sharing ideas and making magic happen...





From humble beginnings to designer extraordinaire!  With Charlene's years of experience in a corporate, busy industry, she was no stranger to hard work, pressure and deadlines. In 2007, Charlene was looking for an exciting new challenge and an opportunity to open her own business. With a keen interest and talent for interior design, coupled with her love for the outdoors and nature, Oopsie Daisy Flowers was born. 

10 years later, Oopsie Daisy Flowers celebrates as the leader in Floral Design in South Africa, servicing high profile celebrities, luxury brands and bespoke events. She is passionate about her company and her team and always says that when looking for the right staff, she employs character and integrity over experience. Charlene believes in empowerment and sharing her skills.

Charlene has been married since 2009 and refers to her hubby as a God sent and their children are three lovable dogs and a bossy cat.

She has a strong sense of family and comes from a very close knit unit. Charlene says South Africa runs through her veins, from visiting her favourite place, The Kruger, to finding time to see wildlife as she has a deep love for animals. Charlene builds strong relationships with her clients and suppliers and her greatest satisfaction is a satisfied corporate client and seeing a happy Bride and Groom have the perfect day.


Her favourite quote is "Bloom where you are planted"


General Manager


Evelyn, with her long standing experience as a Personal Assistant to Chartered Accountants and in Management, she is without a doubt "The Engine Room" of Oopsie Daisy.  Evelyn focuses her attention on ensuring that the business runs smoothly and that clients receive the exceptional service that Oopsie Daisy has built their reputation on.

Evelyn is a logistics expert and ensures that the correct procedures are followed through and that every aspect of the business is taken care of.

From ordering the very best supplies, to ensuring that our clients receive quality décor items and linen. Evelyn is a powerhouse and is well respected in the industry and by her staff. Evelyn's favourite part of her job is seeing Oopsie Daisy grow from strength to strength and being part of a formmidable team. 


Apart from the fact that Evelyn “runs the show” she is also Charlene’s Mom and she has been eagerly assisting her part time from the very first day and joined the team permanently later on.  She has indescribable patience, is a real go getter, a very hard worker, a real busy body who cannot sit down and relax.  She works tirelessly behind the scenes, without her, we would not be able to operate as efficiently and consistently as we do. 


Favourite quote, "The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail!" 



Senior Event Stylilst


Michelle brings a wealth of skill and years of experience in Weddings, events, styling and conferencing. Her passion lies in creating the perfect wedding and working closely with the bride and groom. Michelle is a seasoned pro and runs her division and projects seamlessly.


As the Senior Event Stylist, Michelle is the right hand woman to Charlene and has been an integral part of the Oopsie Daisy success.

Michelle says that her favourite part of her job is using her God-given gift to bring each Bride's unique vision to life and working with an exceptional team who are passionate about what they do. She understands how overwhelming it can be for a bride and will guide you through all the exciting and stressful moments with grace and flare. 


"It’s okay to feel overwhelmed leading up to the big day but don’t allow that to ruin the planning process. Although some things are out of your control, trust your supplier, after all, that is why you hired us".

Michelle has been married to her husband Julian since 2003.  She refers to him as her “knight in shining armor” and would marry him all over again if she could.  Michelle is passionate about God, her family and fury children which include a Great Dane, two cats, an amazon parrot and six tarantulas.  Her favourite place in the world is Munich.  She is no adrenalin junkie but loves experiencing new things and is a Crossfit Enthusiast.


Favorite quote for the bride " Don't sweat the small stuff! "


Event Stylist


Megan has been part of the Oopsie Daisy Team since 2018.  She is a hard worker, always willing to help and she loves to learn new things.  She has experience in event co-ordinating and she is passionate about the weddings and events industry. 


With her flair for style and attention to detail, she is our Wedding and Corporate Events extraordinaire.  

 She mindfully prepares each and every quote to ensure that her clients get exactly what they envisioned, whether it be a corporate event, special celebration or wedding.  She is up to date with what is trending and knows style, elegance and class when she sees it. 


With Megan by your side you will not have to "sweat the small stuff" - she will ensure your event goes to plan while you enjoy your wedding or focus on networking at that high level function. Megan clearly loves what she does and says that "It's a blessing to be able to work with such a wonderful team who share the same passion and all get on so well, while having fun every day!". 

Her favorite quote is "Your life is a story…make yours a best seller"…the same applies to how she views your occasion - nothing but a best seller will do!


Florist & Set up Team


Asiphe is energetic and full of life! Her attitude and enthusiasm for her job is contagious and she motivates everyone around her.


Having completed her training at Oopsie Daisy, Asiphe showed that she was born to do this and is super talented. Her eagerness to learn and challenge herself has paid off as she brings a high level of creativity and skill to the team. You will often find her trying new things, inventing a new style and experimenting with flowers and decor.


Asiphe will ensure that your event not only features the most beautiful flowers and decor but that it is set up on time and to perfection!

Her favourite quote: "Love life and it will love you back"


Florist & Set-up Team


For such a tiny person, Cynthia is a very strong lady and a hard worker indeed.  She cannot sit still for a minute, she always finds something to do.  She is eager to learn and takes on any challenge that comes her way.


Cynthia not only does flowers but also ensures that our linen is stain free.  Cynthia is a loyal person and a great asset to Oopsie Daisy.  With 



Her favorite quote:  "Always bring your own sunshine"


Florist & Set up Team


"Marvelous Mavi" as we like to call her is a lover of life and loves to laugh! She brings a happy and beautiful energy to the Oopsie Daisy team. You will often find Mavi being playful and making other people laugh with her awesome sense of humour. Make no mistake though, when it's time to bring the talent and seriousness of her craft, Mavi gets down to business and takes her job very seriously. 


We love her attitude to the business, to clients and to her team. Her smile is infectious and so is her passion for what she does. Mavi is a great organiser and meticulous when it comes to detail. 

Her favourite quote: "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"


Florist & Set up Team

Aviwe ​is a soft spoken but confident woman who thrives on a challenge! 

She has a love for fashion, trends and all things glamorous. She always knows what the latest buzz brands are!

Aviwe completed her floral training at Oopsie Daisy and has proved to be a dedicated team player who brings attention to every detail at any event.

She loves to see an event come together perfectly and is proud to be part of such an incredible team.  Aviwe has a beautiful nature and is well liked.

Her favourite quote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"




Simon is a true gentleman, polite and respectful to all of our clients and suppliers alike. He is well known and well liked by all who have the pleasure of meeting him. 


Getting your flowers, decor and lighting to your event is Simon's mission and he does it with a big smile on his face. He understands the importance of your precious cargo arriving at your venue on time and in tact which is why he takes pride in his job and his vehicle.

Simon is hands on and helps with whatever is needed to get the job done. He is a huge asset to the Oopsie Daisy team!

His favourite quote: "Fasten your seatbelts, someone needs you!"


Stock Controller & Driver


Mthetho started with us a Driver and has now also taken over the role as Stock Controller. He takes his newly appointed position very seriously.  He understands how important it is for our clients to get the correct decor items in the correct quantity on the day of their event. 

Mthetho is an absolute pleasure to work with.  From gained experience in the security industry, we always feel protected having him around.



Mthetho takes pride in his appearance and has a good attitude.  He is  eager to learn and challenges himself to be the best he can be. 

His favourite quote: "With God, all things are possible"

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